Saturday, February 7, 2009

Let's Picnik!

For months now, I have sat back and watched as my fellow Facebook friends posted enticing pictures embellished with text, stickers, and effects. Numerous photo albums were published underneath the title, "Picnik." My first thought was, "what is picnik??!" After performing one simple google search, I found exactly what I was looking for.

And now..... I have finally joined the photo shopping ranks of Picnik. The site provides free, easy to use editing tools to crop, rotate, and adjust exposure. My favorite photo options are rounded edges. I performed this action on every one of my edited photographs! I love the 1960s look.

Taken above the expansive landscape of Athens, this was my favorite altered image. The picture truly captures a captivating, candid moment. I have never seen such an enormous city! I love the lighting too!


Becca Abel said...

sounds fun. I'll have to play around with this Picnik thing.

Something I just discovered that I was wondering how to do is make one of those red white and blue obama-esque photos, with

Jenny said...

love the rounded corners---so retro. Mommy

Manda Panda said...

What an amazing view of an amazing city! And of course I am LOVING those rounded retro.