Monday, July 21, 2008

Let's Put a Smile on that Face

To many of you, I have made the claim that my life has changed for the better. It is true. And this was made possible through the extraordinary talent of Heath Ledger and Aaron Eckhart in their unbelievable Dark Knight performances.

I have this thing for Heath Ledger which most likely stems from my 10-Things-I-Hate-About-You-Generation. And the steamy Aussie accent. After receiving news of his unfortunate passing, I converted my Dell Inspiron wallpaper into a memorial honoring his exceptional acting talents. And it remains today. My friend George and I were at the Sundance Film Festival on the day he died. We scored evening tickets to the premiere of Incendiary, starring Michelle Williams (Heath's baby mamma). Unfortunately, Michelle was unable to appear and was abruptly flown to NY. His death was a huge loss.

And did you know? Aaron Eckhart, a film major, is a member of the elite BYU alumni. Just think, I walk the same paths that he used to get to the JFSB. I eat at the same tables that he used in the Wilk. It's probably safe to assume that he's roasted a few smores at the Bell Tower before.

As a theater employee, I was fortunate enough to preview the movie in advance (Wed. night). And I was not disappointed in the least bit. I wanted to make shirts or dress up, but Ashley & Ross sadly rejected my ideas. So, I opted for all black in order to properly mourn Heath. Many times throughout the movie, I had chillbumps because it is so disturbing. The Grand, along with America's national box office have set all new, impressive records due to the popularity of Batman. You have to see it!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Coldplay ---------------

During my senior year of high school, I was formally introduced to the majesty of Coldplay. Like most pop culture fanatics, I knew and loved their Billboard hits "Yellow" and "Clocks."
Unlike most, the first album that I ever fully listened to was X&Y. A dear co-worker at The Grand who was a typical fan of Shinedown and T-Pain sat me down in her Ford truck and demanded that I listen closely. I was hooked. After listening to "A Rush of Blood to the Head," I made a mental note that life would/could never be the same. With the looming anxiety of achieving high ACT scores and applying for college, I walked tall with the sounds of Chris Martin bouncing in each step.

After arriving at college, my first friendships were formed solely on the basis of our mutual Coldplay dedication. We established a dorm ritual, C.R.S. (or Coldplay Rejuvenation Session) which consisted of sitting in a dark room and listening to Coldplay as loud as possible in order to relieve us from the academic stress. Sophomore year consists of fond memories of watching Brandon's Coldplay Live DVD strewn across JT 26's lovesacs.

Lauren and I arrived promptly at midnight after work for the release of their new album, Viva la Vida. Along with Brandon, I too was cautious at first, but now I adore it. I am eager to make the radical claim that Coldplay serves as a personal spiritual experience. I love Chris's signature falsetto. I constantly day dream about the daily life of Gwenyth Paltrow, Chris Martin's wife. Seriously..Can you imagine?

I slaved over the king of online auctioning, eBay and won a golden ticket to see them live in Glasgow, Scotland on December 12!! I cannot wait. :)