Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Candida krusei

I'm not going to sugar coat this.

Scotland food sucks.
Everything is fried. Even pizza!

The only two things that I will miss food-wise are Kinder chocolate bars and caramel shortbread.

Caramel shortbread, commonly refered to as "millionaire's shortbread," consists of a thick layer of chocolate and caramel. Paired with a shortbread crumb crust. It is delicious.

Kinder buenos are hazelnut cream filled wafers. Made by Ferrero, which should explain a lot. I plan on bringing home tons of these.

If I stayed here much longer though, I would have to sell the Prius to sustain my expensive, addictive eating lifestyle.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Youth Against Fascism

I have officially failed at my blogging duties.

Where should I even begin? My Parliamentary internship is nearly complete. I've fallen in love with Edinburgh, Scotland. In my backpack escapades across Europe, I have traveled to Dublin, Florence, Pisa, Venice, Athens, and Paris. With more cities to come! I fly back to the homeland on December 16th. I've even managed to maintain and represent my Southern heritage across the Atlantic.
My favorite person in the world stopped by the UK last week. We had a blast. She even did my laundry.
Since I've last posted, America has elected a new president.

Just not them.

Also, I am very unhappy with the results of Saturday night's Holy War. Boo you Max Hall. Okay, I admit it. I am a dirty fair-weather fan.

I will leave you with the following imagery: