Friday, January 30, 2009

Domestic Goddess

I have stumbled upon an evolutionary blog site, Imperfectly Beautiful . It features step-by-steps to completing homemade crafts. Defiantly not your ordinary painted porcelain kitten craft. And.......I just happen to be blood related to the talented founder, Mrs. Amanda Scott. How have I missed out on this for so long? Woman, you are so creative! And you even have your own cult following!! Appoint me as your apprentice/ public relations specialist??

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Back in P-town

I am once again living in Provo, Utah in order to attend Brigham Young University. This semester has already dealt me some unforgettable adventures which included couch hopping and even riding in the back of a police car. My classes are interesting this semester. I have two religious courses, and I am enrolled in a film class. I moved into a townhouse almost a mile away from campus. I have a private bedroom and bathroom nestled in the basement. Today, I had to call our handy man, Brent, because there are expansive puddles across the hallway. Apparently, the foundation is cracked and when the snow melts, the water seeps in. It smells horrific.

I have a job interview today. If hired, I will be an urban decal designer. It made me think of something Becca would be do. I hope that I get the job because I am getting desperate!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Christmas Miracle

Disclaimer: I found the two following posts saved as drafts on my account. I wanted to inject them with pictures, before I posted them but I never got around to it. So, I decided to post them anyways....

After 3.5 adventure filled months, I have finally returned to American soil.

It is so relieving to drive my automatic vehicle down the right side of the street. I can text and speak on my monthly contracted cellular device for as much as I like. No more expensive pay-as-you-go-phone. I can place my hands underneath a faucet and not receive second degree burns. I once again have Internet access. I can plug in my electric appliances without having to use a converter. And I get to use a machine to dry my clothes. Life is good.

However, I almost didn't make it back. The weekend before I was scheduled to fly home, I traveled to Brussels, Belgium. On our way home, our flight was canceled. 18 hours before I was supposed to fly out of Edinburgh to America! We waited in line for over 5 hours. It was torture. Once we made it to the customer service desk, we were told that our only options were to fly home Friday or travel to Paris and catch a flight back that night. We opted for the latter. With no time to spare, Dalaney and I caught the next train to France. Oh, did I mention that I lost my debit card? And misplaced my passport. We flew into Glasgow and arrived in Edinburgh at 3am. The airport shuttle was scheduled to pick us up at 6am. Somehow, I moved out of my flat and packed my entire life contents away in that brief time stint.

And now it all seems like a dream.

A typical day in the life of intern Hannah.

At 8:51 am every Monday-Friday, I ride a Lothian bus #34 or #19 to the Scottish Parliament. Yes, it a is double-decker.
Previous to my bus pass holding days, I trekked the 23 minute walk. I've discovered that a bus pass makes life much more tolerable.

This is the grand piece of architecure that I spend the majority of my Scottish days in. Withering away.

Notice the protruding windows which closely resemble the shape of Texas. These are called "think pods" and every MSP (member of the Scottish Parliament) has one is his/her office. They are fun. If you are thinking that the building is simply hideous, do not fret. You are not alone. The whole population of Edinburgh agrees.

I swipe this official pass to gain entrance into the heavily secured doors and elevators.

This is my desk. Notice the Coldplay cut-out. And the scandalous desktop image of James Franco.
My favorite place inside the building is a room titled 'The Contemplation Room.' No joke. The couches are ideal for an afternoon nap.

And this is my life.