Saturday, January 24, 2009

Back in P-town

I am once again living in Provo, Utah in order to attend Brigham Young University. This semester has already dealt me some unforgettable adventures which included couch hopping and even riding in the back of a police car. My classes are interesting this semester. I have two religious courses, and I am enrolled in a film class. I moved into a townhouse almost a mile away from campus. I have a private bedroom and bathroom nestled in the basement. Today, I had to call our handy man, Brent, because there are expansive puddles across the hallway. Apparently, the foundation is cracked and when the snow melts, the water seeps in. It smells horrific.

I have a job interview today. If hired, I will be an urban decal designer. It made me think of something Becca would be do. I hope that I get the job because I am getting desperate!


R. J. Abel said...

Good Luck on getting the job! It sounds like a fun one! I'm jealous!

Manda Panda said...

Hmmmm...what exactly is an urban decal designer? I need more info. Miss you like crazy, girl!

I Love You ~ Amanda

Ken and Meag said...

Hannie, I appreciate your willingness to post. Sorry, it sounds like you are having a rough time out there, hope it gets better! Good luck with your classes this semester!

The Boover Bunch said...

Good luck on the job..that sounds so urban cool. You never text me back, but atleast you commented on my blog. I will forgive you because I adore your police car riding patootie. text me back, though. I'm working on a family pic. Maddie is the only one who isn't sniffly and sneezy and doesn't have to stay away from Ella. I am the germ police..actually the NICU is very strict about it. As soon as we're all together, I 'll get a photo posted. Love you. emmie