Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Christmas Miracle

Disclaimer: I found the two following posts saved as drafts on my account. I wanted to inject them with pictures, before I posted them but I never got around to it. So, I decided to post them anyways....

After 3.5 adventure filled months, I have finally returned to American soil.

It is so relieving to drive my automatic vehicle down the right side of the street. I can text and speak on my monthly contracted cellular device for as much as I like. No more expensive pay-as-you-go-phone. I can place my hands underneath a faucet and not receive second degree burns. I once again have Internet access. I can plug in my electric appliances without having to use a converter. And I get to use a machine to dry my clothes. Life is good.

However, I almost didn't make it back. The weekend before I was scheduled to fly home, I traveled to Brussels, Belgium. On our way home, our flight was canceled. 18 hours before I was supposed to fly out of Edinburgh to America! We waited in line for over 5 hours. It was torture. Once we made it to the customer service desk, we were told that our only options were to fly home Friday or travel to Paris and catch a flight back that night. We opted for the latter. With no time to spare, Dalaney and I caught the next train to France. Oh, did I mention that I lost my debit card? And misplaced my passport. We flew into Glasgow and arrived in Edinburgh at 3am. The airport shuttle was scheduled to pick us up at 6am. Somehow, I moved out of my flat and packed my entire life contents away in that brief time stint.

And now it all seems like a dream.


The Boover Bunch said...

Having you home and getting to see you was a Christmas miracle! so glad you made it safe and sound. Love you to death...emmie