Friday, January 30, 2009

Domestic Goddess

I have stumbled upon an evolutionary blog site, Imperfectly Beautiful . It features step-by-steps to completing homemade crafts. Defiantly not your ordinary painted porcelain kitten craft. And.......I just happen to be blood related to the talented founder, Mrs. Amanda Scott. How have I missed out on this for so long? Woman, you are so creative! And you even have your own cult following!! Appoint me as your apprentice/ public relations specialist??


Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

You are officially hired as my Public Relations Specialist (in my best Donald Trump voice...don't make me fire you, ok?) I want to add Becca to the payroll as my web designer, even though there really is no payroll (technicality). BTW, thank you for your ever so subtle comment about my "delicate" hands. I think I peed.

Love you like crazy!
~Manda Panda

You're coming home for Mardi Gras, right? I will be heartbroken if you say no.

Audrey said...

Okay, so this is totally unrelated, but I read your comment on Kait's blog about MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice. I SO WANT TO GO!!! How hilarious would that be??? We would have to become fans of them really fast so that we know all the songs, and I would definitely have to invest in some Hammer pants, but let's make an event out of it. Agreed??

Ken and Meag said...

ha love it, i found amanda's site awhile ago and i check it every now and then! she's got some awesome ideas, so creative!!