Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Do The Harry

In my day....Barney ruled the 2-9 age span. Today, there's a new bear on the block.

With rap's increasing popularity, Discovery channel producers have created an interactive children's television series, Hip Hop Harry.

Harry sports the sideways baseball cap and a large 'H' embelem around his neck, strangely similar to Flava Flav.

Harry's gang of education loving bandits dance as if they were auditioning for Step-Up 9. Just yesterday, I walked in the room and found my 4 year old brother, Cade, attempting to reproduce a wannabe Soulja boy move.

Hip Hop Harry utilizes the song's catchy beats to promote washing your hands, drinking water, and sharing.

Harry even has his own MySpace.

Poor Barney.


Manda Panda said...

Wow...scary! I have 4 small children and I've never heard of Hip Hop Harry. I'm a little relieved. I was a never a fan of Barney either, so I'm good not knowing!

Ashley said...

that's crazy...oh how the times have changed!

R_becca said...

i'm requesting a new blog. now.

Crystal said...

I am partical to the backyardagains.

Manda Panda said...

I think we're going to have to have an intervention on you. I need a new post...asap! Please get rid of Hip Hop Harry, he scares me. By the way, since we're giving our preferences...mine is the Wonder Pets. They are absolutely precious and rock my world!