Sunday, May 10, 2009

During my senior Primary and Young Woman's days, I was a full-scale classroom terrorizer.
I've scared away my fair share of church teachers.

Once, my Miamaid teacher became so frustrated with my tendency to disrupt that she gave me the following week's lesson and demanded that I teach. After diligently preparing the lesson, I became so confused when my fellow peers continued to talk during the lesson. What was more interesting?

Nonetheless, I learned a vital lesson that day. KARMA. And...I imagine that this lesson will replay itself on a larger scale when I am someday a mom.

I fear the day that I'll be given a taste of my own medicine.
So, thank you to all those who've endured my adolesence antics.
Especially you dearest mommy.

Hey, remember those times that I brought home those precious kittens? Or flew to NYC? Or spilled that 2-gallon laundry detergent and accidentally left it? Oh, good times!
Happy Mother's Day!


Audrey said...

So you are hilarious. I remember sending many a teacher away too... those people just can't handle kids! It was never our fault. Our teachers were weak...

Jenny said...

Thanks for the memories!