Saturday, May 9, 2009

Aloha Spirit

Two summers ago, I lived in paradise aka Laie, Hawaii.
I legitimized living in Hawaii by enrolling as a visiting student at the BYU-Hawaii campus. I took intermediate swimming, lifeguarding, and statistics (ew. I wanted it out of the way).

I miss riding my purple cruiser bike three blocks to a.) banana pancakes at Hukilau b.) the beach c.) the gorgeous Polynesian styled temple

I was completely dependent on Oahu's bus system for transportation. I have fond memories of waiting at the bus stop. One of my favorite beaches was Waimea where we jumped off this iconic cliff and ate delicious acai bowls.

On the weekends, we would catch the bus to Honolulu and endure the 2-hour bumpy bus ride. It was all worth it though when we arrived at Wakiki, rented longboards, rode the Pacific waves, and ate dinner at The Cheesecake Factory.

One of my favorite Hawaiian memories is our weekend trip to Maui.
Almost every square inch of our friend's living room was covered with the eight girls.
We even rented a mini-van and drove all across the island.

While going to BYU-H, I joined the Diver's Club, and I completed my scuba diving certification. The certification lasts a lifetime! When I have my own family, they will each certify and we will travel across the world touring exotic barrier reefs.

When my time was dwindling in Hawaii, my family flew out including my grandparents and Becca. We had a blast together.

My main regret is that I did not take more pictures, but I cannot wait to go back to Hawaii someday.

As I sit in my summer classes, I daydream back to my time residing on a tropical island. My cousins, Lauren and Lindsey, are traveling to Hawaii next week for the first time, and I hope that they fall in love with Oahu the same way that I did. Have fun, ya'll!


Kristina P. said...

I am so jealous! What an amazing opportunity.

hannahshirley said...

I've been soooo busy! I'm back on the blogger radar.

Jenny said...

Girl, those were good times. Banana pancakes. The PCC. The shrimp truck. Turtles. Foodland. Turtle Bay.
I have BIG plans for a return trip next summer. Pencil me in......

Becca Abel said...

I feel honored to be featured in a photo on your blog.

p.s. i can see you.