Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My organizational salvation:
I used to misplace my keys or my debit card or my cell phone or my student ID
...on a daily basis.

So, this is probably the best thing that has ever happened to me.

They're on sale now. Check it out at Vera Bradley.


Dani said...

i have coveted that thing of yours for a long time now. thank you for the information, i am going to buy one.

Anonymous said...

what a cute blog! i love the wallpaper. thanks for the super sweet comment on mine.

hannahshirley said...

I am ordering a backup. Seriously.

Jenny said...

Aunt Beth is a sweetie pie for sure!

Rebecca said...

hannah! you didn't tell me you had traveled the world! i am so jealous and i think we should plan a trip to santorini together....i am DYING to go! it may or may not all stem from sisterhood of the travelling pants...haha thanks for reading my blog and COMMENTING! :)

Bethny said...

Hannah, I love that you love it! Just got your e-mail from this am and decided to visit VB. Did you get the tic-tac tote? A few weeks ago while racked with the flu I did a little retail therapy to do my part to help stimulate the economy. Though every attempt was made to get everything “needed” before my pattern Peacock retires, somehow I managed to pick up some other necessities tonight: a backpack, ditty bag, brush & pencil case for me; a great happy for Becca; another happy for Gma; and Manda & your mom picked up a thing or two. This must stop!!! While sick I also ordered some “necessities” from Sephora and convinced myself to go ahead and get the ipod touch (16G) that would change my life for the better. Without a doubt it has. I love, love, love, love, love it! But it’s all stuff---pretty, cute, cool & FUN stuff. I love you and can’t wait to see you. Kiss, kiss. Auntie Bethie

Becca Abel said...

Yes I am coming to UT a month before the family reunion, and then coming back again. Oh the joy! I think I fly out there on May 6 and leave on the 12. I could be wrong though, I need to check.

Milk was good, I didn't finish it though because I got sleepy. I was pretty comfy on my couch in my snuggie and so I almost fell asleep.

What color is your snuggie?

Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

Aunt Beth just ordered my very first VERA the other night. I am over the moon excited to get it!What a rockin sale...thanks for the tip!