Sunday, June 29, 2008

Tributes, Voluntary Submission, & Affection

I am the beloved niece to three blogging fools. And this, my friends, is a much anticipated tribute to them. Aren't they precious?
Pictured above are my Aunt Beth, Aunt Emmie, & Aunt Amanda at my mom's 40th birthday bowling extravaganza. Sunday lunches at Grandma's are never lame due to their surplus of charm and wit. Lest we forget the fashion. Their kids aren't too bad either.
I wish to offer a challenge to each of you. A battle, if you must, for the title of "Hannah's Notably Preferred Aunt." Feel free to offer me large sums of money, feed me extravagant meals, or scratch my back for a complete hour (minus the "gritties").
I'm sorry that you live so far away Aunt Bethany.. I recognize that this puts you in a serious delima. Don't think I haven't factored this into the equation. Nothing makes my day like an unexpected UPS delivery though. Texts are nice too. Just for future reference...
To be honest though, I've just left the lovely home of Mandy Pandy. While visiting with Lauren, she finger fed me grapes and slathered my wheat crackers in crab dip. I think she might be winning..
I love them dearly--even when we quarrel over moral terminology. <3


Ang said...

HA HA HA. I can't wait to see who 'wins'.

The Boover Bunch said... little "B"....that stands for little beauty, by the way. I hate how people jump to conclusions on that kind of stuff- don't you? You made me cry...real drops, you stinker. That was too sweet. I love you more than words can offer. I give to you my full submission. I am yours...crab dipped crackers, grapes, back scratches..i DO NOT do gritties..your wish is my command. I love you, Hannah and am so proud of all your accomplishments and your shoot for the stars attitude. Watching you live life is a gift. Thanks. luv, emmie

Manda Panda said...

I'm glad to see that I'm currently in first place. I'm sure after seeing your post, the others will put their game faces on and get busy woohing you. All joking aside, I had a fabulous time with you and Lauren last night. I love that you invited yourself over and that you are comfortable enough to do that! You are welcome to come to my lovely abode anytime day or night. I am truly enjoying having a real grown-up relationship with my precious neices. I love you more than words can say. and I second Emmie's words of wisdom. I LOVE watching you live your life as well. You live it to the fullest and enjoy every minute of it. Hannah, you rock my world.
I LOVE YOU! - Mandy Pandy

jennypmartin said...

Hannah Banana--I love you!! I am not nervous about the competition.
I know where I stand. XXOO Mommy

Ashley said...

hannah you're hilarious! i hope your summer is going great :)

Ronnie said...

I am worried -- five days into the competition and Beth has not blogged a reply yet. She is on a little blog hiatus. But, I know that she will come from behind as the "dark horse" and win this thing handily.

Not really -- I am confident this will be a three way tie as I know these aunts each are special in their own unique ways.