Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Appearantly, there are 24-hour Kinkos.
Quite innovative, if you ask me.
I've got this thing for any business that is ready and willing to commit to a 24 hour schedule.

At 2:00am last night/this morning, Dani & I set out for our paper printing excursion.

Being blissfully ignorant, I bet Dani $5 that these hypothetical Kinkos' hours simply did not exsist.

Our first destination, the Provo Kinkos, was lit and I had my wallet ready to pay up.

Fortunately, we walked straight into the locked door; unfortunately, the sign directed us to another location, Orem.

The verdict= no one paid anything.

I concluded that I have never been involved in a bet where one party was 100% correct. Somehow, someway, there are always exceptions to each side. Ie: The Provo building was closed, yet the Orem building was open. So, who is correct..? They always end in a draw. Man, what a paradox. Moral of the story: gambling sucks. Unless you are an MIT braniac named Jill Taylors (Kate Bosworth's character in 21). Along with scamming the casinos, you'll also aquire a steamy kiss from the attractive London-native, Jim Sturgess.

After arriving home, we discovered a dead, baby octopus on our staircase. I was convinced that it was a sticky, stretchy 50-arcade-tickets prize. Until I smelt it. Lorina, an avid seafood connoisseur, is frying little Octi for lunch today.


Lorina said...

lol. this is the funniest blog ever. hahaha i'm about to pee my pants. your blogs keep on getting funnier.

R_becca said...

i would like to know where this octopus came from. that is all i am concerned with. answer ASAP.

Ashley said...

Oh my...I was so grosed out when I saw that on the stairs! I will miss our little home :(

Anonymous said...

I am gonna have to go with Becca on this one. I'm highly concerned as to the whereabouts of this little nasy THING. Also, please tell me I read it wrong when you said someone was actually going to "fry it up"??? Not to eat for real, right? I am very disturbed by this post! - aunt Amanda

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