Monday, April 14, 2008

Here's to the night.

So, I'm pretty excited about this revolutionary blog concept. I hope that it's not simply my procrastination tendencies which are contributing to my blogging enthusiasm.

Yesterday marked the end of South of the Border week. What does this consist of? Well, basically.. Dani, Keith, Jon, and I ate straight Mexi food all week. I'll be honest though; I'm still not quite sick of it. I'm pushing for a more diverse, global embrace this week (ie: Korean, Japanese, Thai, Indian, etc.).

We attended Catholic mass at SLC's Madeliene cathedral today. It was in spanish. So, of course, Keith translated for us. It's only a few blocks away from Temple Square. It was interesting comparing and contrasting the two atmospheres.
Crystal's bridal shower was this weekend. I still can't believe that she is getting married! I am going to miss her dearly. Also, only 2 more days of school. Yay.

P.S. I do plan on utilizing this tool while in Scotland. Holla.


Lindsay said...

Hey girl! Im excited that you have a blog! I am not the best at blogging...Tommy and Gabe are the pros. Im so excited for you to go study aboard, that is so cool. I will hug your grandparents, I love to see them. Love ya!

jennypmartin said...

Hannah Banana--I also enjoy reading about Scotland and have watched many hours of Law & Order. I want to learn to blog...I love you!! XXOO Mommy

jennypmartin said...

Hannah--I feel that last posting was directed towards, we are not going to get a cat. I have not experienced the 'change of heart' that you have towards cats. Sorry. I love you but no. Any by the way--Trudy really did run away.
Love, Mommy

jennypmartin said...
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Bethny said...

Be still my heart Hannie. As a lover of most legumes, I could enjoy a life of tortillas, beans and cheese. How about we conduct restaurant reviews of Mexican restaurants within a certain radius when you get home? Love you!