Monday, April 14, 2008

Where do whales migrate?

I bought Barack Obama's inspirational book, The Audacity of Hope today.

Tommorow is my last day of classes, symbolizing my half way mark through college. Well, hopefully.

Turns out I'm wretched at Bocci, a devise game of ball throwing. Thankfully, I have other more advantegous, all-purpose skills. Such as..conning free food out of restaurant employees. Or the fact that my wet hair dries faster naturally than any one else that I know. And somehow..I never fail at finding opened snacks in my purse and/or pockets.


Dani said...

about your last sentence...I've noticed that about you too. It seriously is the weirdest thing ever.

Clay said...

Bocci... That game is so awesome

R_becca said...

Be careful what you say little missy. My hair dries very fast naturally. I believe there must be a show down between us. Just wait until you get home. When will we see you? Your Auntie Bethie loves and misses you!

Bethny said...

Becca did not make the previous post. She couldn't have because she totally uses a blow dryer. She must have been using my computer.

R_becca said...

it is true, i do blow dry my hair. i won't even take you sillies up on a natural hair drying race, ya'll have at it.

p.s. Hannie, I want you in my life. *kisses and hugs*