Thursday, April 17, 2008

Legends of the Hidden Temple

I was almost physically run over by a young man riding a unicycle on campus today.

Therefore, I determined that scrutinizing the wacky antics of my fellow students is the defining aspect of my college career.

It's a common misconception that BYU students are completly lame squares.

From first hand experience, I can attest that this assumption is 100% false. Some of the most bizzare, quirky people out there reside on this particular campus.

There's Cloak Boy, a freshman who stands outside the Joseph Smith Building inbetween classes belting out musicial renditions. Just recently, campus police issued him a citation for "disturbing the peace." As a direct violation of his First Amendment rights and after receing national attention, he has been granted approval to return to his post. After cloak boy's hiatus, I experienced pure elation when I heard his voice ringing through the air.

I've witnessed sword fights and juggling clowns. Gaggles of '80s dressed freshman girls. And boys decked in Sponge Bob costumes. Lest we forget, Drum Girl perched on a tree branch.

My favorite batch of individuals has to be the Medieval Club. They dress up in Renaissance dresses and sport beaded headpieces while role playing scenes from The Canterbury Tales & King Arthur legends underneath their glistening white tent.

There's even a BYU Facebook group acknowledging the medieval club member's weirdness titled, "Why am I still single when everyone in the Medieval Club has a lover?"

And it has over 150 members.


Clay said...

Wow, you are very observant of your surroundings. I'm glad I decided to go to BYU-I. Lots of weird stuff seems to happen in Provo.

Dani said...

hey you should join the medieval club. they would welcome you with open arms and capes

jennypmartin said...

I enjoy the blog. Do you remember that girl in HS who wore black and carried around a baby doll...does she go to BYU? Enjoying the blog,

Manda Panda said...

My dear sweet Hannah Banana...Oh how you have made my day! I happened to stumble upon your blog by accident. I think I might have peed myself laughing so hard. Ok, I'll be honest. I have an addiction to blogs...I am a blog stalker. Daily I stalk my friends and families blogs and frequently I stalk people I don't even know. Yes, I know I have a PROBLEM! Anyway, enough of my rambling. I am over the moon that I can have this connection to you. We miss you! Love you - Aunt Amanda

elder renouard said...

hannah, your incredible insites to the unique, yet bizzare campus life continues to astound me. Your life as a reporter would be made sure if you are to pursue it. And yes, I admit, my ribs hurt. Hannah, I miss you.

Adam Denison said...

Oh man, your post totally makes me miss BYU! There always seems to be some guy on a unicycle every semester at BYU. And it's never the same guy!
This is Adam Denison by the way!