Thursday, September 4, 2008

Moto Maniac

Before 2 weeks ago, I had never ridden on a motorcycle. And my gosh, I was surely missing out.

Mopeds fascinate me. When Parker & I were younger, he received an electric scooter for his birthday. He rode it through the cul-de-sac of Crescent Ridge like a cheetah through the African plains while I watched hesitantly from the concrete sidewalk. Honest to goodness, the FIRST time that I stepped foot on that contraption and after reaching speeds of approximately 35mph, I crashed straight into the communal mailbox.

Today, six years later, I've made a new friend..Jonathan Curtis. Mr. Curtis is the fine owner of not one, but two motorcycles. So, of course, when he offered to take me for a ride, I couldn't resist. Although my confidence in gravity is high, I struggled to comprehend the object's ability to stand up straight. We traveled the empty streets of Hattiesburg at speeds exceeding 95 mph. It was exhilerating. All I could think about the entire time is how much more bliss Johnny boy gets operating his transportation in comparison to the bland emotions that I receive driving my own enclosed vehicle.

And now, it's official. Sorry mom. I have to have a motorcycle.


Clay Diffrient said...

Well, Motorcycles are fun. They are all the rage at college campuses. I'm pretty sure after I'm off my mission I'm going to get one. The only downside is Rexburg is pretty cold and heated vehicle interiors are nice!

Manda Panda said...

Let me preface this comment with...thank you for updating your blog! But, my goodness how long does a girl have to wait for a little bingo fever? You know what I'm talking about. And I'm still waiting...patiently.

The Boover Bunch said...

One of the most memorable ER trauma stories I remember your mom sharing over Sunday dinner involved a motorcyle accident... YUCK! I don't forsee a motorcycle in your near future, dearie, but I'm glad you enjoyed your jaunt on the town with your biker bud. I'm glad you're back in the blogging business. BLOG IT UP!

jennypmartin said... you crazy?? think bilateral ankle and wrist fractures oh, and a head injury to boot! (Plus internal stuff, road rash, broken teeth, collapsed lung, etc...) The dream squasher has arrived!