Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Home away from Home

I will never understand my mother's television interests. While tropical storms are brewing in the Atlantic, she is physically and mentally capable of watching the Weather Channel for 72 hours straight. The reports exhaust me because they always broadcast the same material over and over. I tease her most about watching TLC's infamous, "House Hunters." Over the span of sixty minutes, viewers follow a couple as they tour three varying houses for sale. Our family makes small bets about which of the three houses they will select to rear their future children in. Honestly, it is painful.

Minus the presence of host Suzanne Wang, House Hunters has become a sick reality for me. Kristin and I have no place of residency. We live like vagabonds. When we first arrived, we stayed with a family that Kristin met before I flew in. With the intent of finding a flat soon, we moved into a hostel. Now, we are staying with a couple that just recently graduated from BYU. We set up appointments to view flats. We ride the double decker buses through town earnestly searching for the precise flat address. We meet possible roommates that party until the sun rises. And just like on the television show, we weigh the positives and negatives of each option. Most of the viewings are flats looking for extra roommates to split the costs.Finally, we believe that we have found the one. Tonight, we are meeting with Prisco, our new landlord to move into our own flat closely located to the Parliament building. I will have my own bedroom. We can't move in until next Monday, but I'll post pictures soon.


The Boover Bunch said...

Ohhhhh, girl. I can not believe how "homesick" you are making me for my life in Sweden. The picture you posted looks so much like Landskrona, my first area. Isn't it crazy how grey and rainy can be quite beautiful? I hope you had a great first day at work. And congrats on hunting a flat. Post pics ASAP. Who needs Suzanne Wang anyway? think watching "House Hunters" is painful. Uh, I started reading your book, "The Story of Scotland", and OUCH! I think I made it throught the preface to page two of chapter one, "Misty Origins". Enjoy those misty origins, girl. We're all living vicariously through you. Have a blast. Tell all your mates (do they even say that there?) hello. Love you.

Clay Diffrient said...

Wow, so vagabonds huh? You haven't slept on a bench or anything right?

jennypmartin said...

FYI: House Hunters is a 30min show on HGTV. I also like Mission Organization where you watch people clean out their closets or garages. Thrilling television to me. Painful for my children. Have you slept on a park bench? Love you.

Lindsay said...

I want to rent a flat! How fun!!! Hope you are loving every minute, I can't wait to see pictures!

Manda Panda said...

Your adventures sound exhilarating! But, please...don't sleep on a bench. Can't wait to see pics of your new "flat". You are such a woman of the world now!

Love you tons! - Manda

Anonymous said...

(this is Becca.. I am on a school computer and didn't feel like logging in)

Everyone is obsessed with you sleeping on a park bench.. what is up with that?

I need you to post pictures of said flat.

Much LOVE!!