Friday, September 26, 2008

A brief look into my mind.

Getting lost in a foreign country is NOT fun.
I am predicting the demise of Prime Minister Gordon Brown's career quite soon. Poor Labour party.
I am finally unpacked. Finally.
I miss free movies. And spending dollars.
I bought a lotto ticket.
I love knowing what people think. And why they think that way.
Americans should utilize the train system more often.
I could get used to having H&Ms on every corner.
Internet is critical to survival.
I love Dani Richards.
I refuse to ever transcrible another word again.
And I'm pretty much obsessed with my life.


Clay Diffrient said...

Hmm.. a brief look, that is very interesting. So you got lost in Scotland? That would be an interesting story to hear.

Lorina said...

I hope you love me too.

jennypmartin said...

Internet is critical.
Photos are necessary.
Commentary is crucial.
Dollars are fun.
I love Hannah Shirley.

Manda Panda said...

I too love Hannah Shirley...and her wacky little mind. You make my day!
Heart You - Manda

Dani said...

i love hannah shirley.

Paul Togneri said...

I'm so giving you more transcribing to do...

Lindsay said...

I tagged you, check my blog for what to do!

The Egan's said...

I miss your randomness Hannah B. Check out our blog. Cant wait for you to get back here though. you can teach me about scotland and I will teach you about Provo... Ha.

The Boover Bunch said...

getting lost anywhere stinks...but wouldn't you rather be lost in a foreign country than in Ellisville or Maxi, MS? Love the brief looks into your thoughts. And I think we're all a bit obcessed with your life. Love you...emmie

Anonymous said...

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